There are many ways to tell when fall is upon us: the leaves change, coffee shops add pumpkin spice to their menus, and people start their annual Gilmore Girls marathons. However, the most notable aspect of fall is its iconic fashion trends.

“I feel like each season has its own type of style, but I think fall’s fashion is the most distinct,” said Hannah Stephenson.

Jacob Elbert and Carlos Castilleja showing off their fall flannels Photo by Harley Ford

When people think of the classic fall look, timeless fall pieces like flannels or baggy sweaters are what come to mind; many of these trends have stuck around through the 2022 fall season.

One of the more suitable styles for the cooler weather is layering. Not only is this fall staple practical, but it’s also fashionable. Layering can be an easy way to make an outfit more appropriate for the cooler weather while also adding depth and complexity to an outfit.

“I best express myself through fashion choices categorized as ‘fall’. Because of this, I love when I can wear my more elaborate pieces in colder temperatures.  Layering is beneficial, not only for cosmetic depth, but also due to the temperature shifts I go through during the day; cold mornings, the comfortable school temperature, colder classes, and the hotter afternoons,” said Savannah Shannon

One of the most favorable and comfortable fall trends is layering oversized clothing.

A cream sweater paired with a turtle neck underneath, perfect for the cooler fall temperatures Photo By Harley Ford

“I think a classic fall look can consist of anything baggy, I love when the weather turns cooler and I’m able to throw on a cute oversized jacket with some baggy jeans and call it a day, and still look like I’m put together,” Hannah Stephenson.

One of the more recent fall trends is sheer tights under a skirt or dress, a look many deem timeless.

“I personally like the sheer tight trend and I believe it’s going to be a timeless trend because they’re pretty neutral and go with every outfit. There are many ways to style them and can appeal to many groups of people,” said Alixandra Martinez.

One of the most recognizable fall fashion staples is flannels. Nothing screams fall fashion quite like a classic flannel. 

“Flannels are THE clothing item I think of when I think of autumn. I think its something that’s very timeless and will always be an indicator of the season’s classic fashion,” reiterated Hannah Stephenson.

“Most of my fits are simplistic, neutral tones; that being said, flannels take up a good amount of my wardrobe.  Albeit a stereotype, I feel a lot of the time that my ensembles don’t hit the same without that additional pop that a nice flannel gives,” said Savannah.

An outfit full of neutral earth tones perfect for the fall time Photo by Harley Ford

The toned-down colors of fall fashion are what ultimately give it the signature “fall vibe”. 

“I’ve been told countless times that my wardrobe is too predominantly composed of earth tones, to which I rebate: is there even such a thing as ‘too much’ neutral? It goes with practically everything and perfectly emulates the autumn atmosphere,” Savannah said. 

With all of these trending looks- old and new alike- students are finding a fun outlet for self-expression and comfort. Fall fashion is more than clothes, it’s a modern statement piece.


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