“Never underestimate the power of influence” these are the words of wisdom that were passed down to Coach Clancy – now awarded Coach of the week for the Houston Texans.

“I was shocked,” stated Clancy. “They just kinda showed up at practice and came out and told me, I had no idea. It was a very humbling experience, but at the same time, I was proud of our coaches and for our kids that our program gets recognition for doing a good job and that there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. Anytime the kids can celebrate and be excited about something, I am all for it,” continued Clancy 

Clancy first started off 18 years ago at Klein Oak High School as an assistant coordinator from 2007-12 and from there moved to Jesuit College Prep. When the opportunity arose to come back into Klein, Clancy had no hesitation in returning back to the district. Despite the challenging responsibilities of serving as the head football coach and AD in a newer school, he never lost sight of his commitment to ensuring that players and coaches always have the resources and tools needed to have a successful future.

“[It’s been] Lots of hard work, and it has gotten here in a flash but we’re definitely proud of where we’re at right now,” said Clancy.

Clancy has been influenced by many but it was the relationships that he built that really impacted him the most. He found it quite compelling how those relationships affect people’s ability to hold different roles and how they affect other people. He also always made sure to keep an eye on the larger picture, and for him, it was Klein Cain and the way one presents themselves in making sure to include all aspects of the school. Mentors, faculty, and students are an important part of the football team’s success stating that “We’re not the experience, we’re part of the experience.” It’s all a team effort and the collective effort of the school’s administration, teachers, and students has helped forge a sense of identity that people have worked hard to establish which Clancy intends to preserve. This way of thinking has had a significant impact on students, who now have a renewed drive to improve things for others and the community. 

We now honor Clancy for his tremendous success in being recognized by the Houston Texans. Still, for Clancy, this incredible milestone was made possible not only by his being acknowledged for his hard work but also by the staff and players who were engaged on this journey with him. His team-oriented, selfless, and humble personality is what made Clancy an outstanding coach and it’s not surprising to others that the Texans took notice. And now we’re left with Clancy’s inspirational words of wisdom which he kindly shared with us.

“Anything you put your name next to, always try to do it to the best of your ability because, at the end of the day, the one thing nobody can ever take away from you is your name… you never know who you’re going to influence or impact,” stated Clancy.


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