This weekend the Klein Cain marching band traveled to Webster, Texas to compete in the U.S bands competition. This was Cain’s first competition of the season, and they came in first place at the night’s end. This is the marching band’s second time winning U.S Bands having come in first place last year as well.

A photo of the awards won by the Klein Cain Marching Band

“The most exciting thing was seeing the excitement of new member’s faces being proud of their accomplishments as well as Klein high and us supporting each other throughout the entire competition,” said flute player Haleigh House

During Prelims the Cain Marching band won best Colorguard, Percussion as well as visual and received an overall score of 87.7. 

” I was happy when we found we made first place because no one was expecting it, and I was really shocked. it was a good feeling to know that even though we thought we did badly, we got first, I felt really appreciated and recognized,” said Junior Taquiera Norman.

Later that evening Cain performed again for finals and received a score of 88, coming in first place out of ten other bands.

Senior Mimi Miranda spinning part two of the show “Pop”

” My favorite part of the competition was getting able to sit and watch all the other bands perform because they were really good,” said Lorelai Dennis.


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