The Best Series To Get Into the Fall Spirit


The cozy feelings that come along with fall can be one of the best parts of the season; grabbing a hot beverage, lighting candles, and turning on a comforting show to set the mood are some of the best ways to get into the fall mindset. Here are some of the best shows to watch while getting into the fall spirit:

Gilmore Girls 

When people think of the go-to autumn show, they usually think of Gilmore Girls, the most on-theme show there is. From the atmosphere to the character wardrobes, the series screams fall. Something about the real connections between the mother-daughter duo rings true to so many.

“It’s like the pumpkin spice of tv,” said Jacob Elbert.

“The whole color scheme of Gilmore Girls- like when you watch it- all of the outfits seem to correlate with the season. They wear a lot of long sleeves and neutral colors. Also, the way the film is kind of grainy, and all of it just feels like something I would watch specifically during the fall,” said Xamora Sanchez.

“Gilmore Girls is the perfect show for me to kick off fall because it seems as if every episode takes place in fall; they’re always wearing cozy sweaters and reading which I feel is a major part of the fall aesthetic,” said Alixandra Martinez.

Good witch

When a show takes place in a small town, and the newest residents are witches, it makes for a great middle-of-fall watch. In this series, we see a witch and her daughter move into the quaint town of Middleton and sir things up. The warm ambiance and falling leaves in the town set the perfect autumn mood. 

“Small towns very much give me fall vibes, and Good witch is set in a small town which makes it the perfect fall show for me,” said Destiny Rodriguez.

Stranger things

With friendship and the spine-chilling upside-down, Stranger Things is the perfect fall show. With the nostalgic undertones of the 1980s setting and the overall cinematography, some layers of comfort are added to the story of four boys finding some strange things happening within their small town. 

“Something about the costumes and like the retro vibes of like the flannels and the warm colors, just like the 80s, the homey feel of the town makes me feel at peace and calm, and it admires the simpler times. To me, that is synonymous with the fall vibe,” said Mary Kennedy.


Supernatural engages the viewer in the story of two brothers who, through a family target, have dedicated their lives to hunting all things supernatural. The brotherly love and heart-warming themes throughout the series, along with the atmosphere of their long drives, make this show a great kickoff to the fall season.

“I feel like supernatural is a very fall type show; not only because of the spooky elements of it, but also the scenery and most of the character’s clothes scream fall to me. Also, there’s something about deans car that very much gives autumn,“ said Hannah Stephenson.

Gravity falls

For people who appreciate a good animated show, this story follows the adventures of two twins who are spending the summer with their great-uncle stan. Even though this series does take place during summer, one cannot deny the heavy fall aesthetic in the show. 

“This show has a lot of trees within the scenery and my brain associates trees and nature with fall, that’s why Gravity Falls is one of my go-to fall shows,” said Hannah Stephenson. 

If you are struggling with finding a good show to settle into autumn with, try giving one of these fall-approved shows a try.


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