"Filming " Logo man murder pt1
Filming “Lego man Murder” pt.1. Photo by Xamora Sanchez

As the spooky season approaches, so does the perfectly spine-chilling atmosphere for horror films. Student Television Network (STN) is hosting its 3rd annual 60-second horrorfest. This competition is for students from middle school to high school, accompanied by an assistive adult advisory position. As of September 23, 2022, registration for this event is open, and schools have between October 1-28 to register and upload their completed horror films. 

According to the rules, each film’s final edit will be between 30-60 seconds with a 3-act structure, a max of 6 people per team, and an entry fee of $25 per film. Each film will include specific elements; a required prop, a cinematography rule, and a particular line of dialog. The information for each of these will be released on the STN website by the end of the day on September 30th, 2022. More information about this competition, as well as the past year’s winners and other regulations, are also available on this website. 

To any student who wishes to submit their own film to this competition: see Ms. Bulloch with your $25 and film, preferably on a flash drive, in room 1043 from 11:35 am- 2:35 pm. 


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