Thursday, September 22th, Klein Cain High School faced off against the Tomball Memorial Wildcats for their first district game coincidently being their homecoming game as well. The game was at Klein memorial stadium and was a home game for Cain. The game was a victory for the Hurricanes blowing out the Wildcats, and adding another win to their undefeated record so far this season.

1st quarter
The first quarter had the Hurricanes gaining a vast lead immediately after the opening kickoff. Cain’s offense scored twenty-one points on the Wildcat’s defense. The quarter ended with Tomball Memorial not being able to respond back to the Hurricanes leaving them with a score of zero

2nd quarter
As the second quarter started, Cain scored another touchdown. However, the Wildcats were finally able to score their first touchdown of the game but missed the extra point. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, their defense let Cain score yet another touchdown on them leaving them with a total of thirty-five so far. As the clock to halftime was ticking the Wildcats acted quickly, squeezing in their second touchdown of the game. As halftime started the score between the two teams was 35-13 with Cain in the lead.

Xaniyah Jackson as she is announced as the 2022 Klein Cain Homecoming Queen. Photo by Mason McMasters.
Xaniyah Jackson as she is announced as the 2022 Klein Cain Homecoming Queen. Photo by Mason McMasters.


With the start of halftime came the performances from each team’s band and legacies team, it also came to the long-awaited decision of who would win homecoming king and queen. Each homecoming court, from each grade, got the opportunity to walk down the field, including the homecoming king and queen nominees. The nominees for homecoming king and queen were Mohamad Mahmoud, James Featherson, Jordan Harrold, Noah Cantu, Saniyah Utley, Courtney Carter, and Xaniyah Jackson. The final winner of both homecoming king and queen was Noah Cantu, being homecoming king, and Xaniyah Jackson, winning homecoming queen. As halftime ended both the Hurricanes and Wildcats left their lockerrooms and charged the field.

3rd quarter

The third quarter kicks off with the Wildcats intercepting a pass attempt made by Cain, letting the Wildcats score the first touchdown of the second. Cain quickly responded by scoring on the Wildcats the next drive after. The rest of the quarter led to both teams not scoring any more points, ending the quarter with each team scoring seven points.

4th quarter

The fourth quarter starts off strong for the Hurricanes with #7 defensive back Patrick Batiste recovering a fumble made by the Wildcats. This caused the Hurricanes to score another touchdown by making a 57-yard rushing touchdown by #12 quarterback Lance Awe. The rest of the quarter left the Wildcats unresponsive to that huge play ending the game with Klein Cain winning their homecoming game with a final score of 49-20. As the clock went to zero the fans went wild celebrating their first district win of the season, and another great victory for the Hurricanes.


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