On September 12, 2022, Apple released the all-new IOS 16 to its devices; which introduced major alterations to the lock screen, the ability to edit and contribute to messages, new tools in the Mail app, and more ways to interact with media thanks to Live Text and Visual Look-up. 

Apple launched IOS 16, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16 for the iPhone 8 and newer devices. The following will contain the latest features of IOS 16. 

What’s New on IOS 16 

Lock Screen Gallery: 

Browse a variety of aesthetic changes with new wallpaper options, a customizable view of the date and time, and a simplified customizer for the lock screen. In order to select your preferred lock screen gallery, touch and hold then swipe. For editing, you can change the element’s text, color, or positioning on your lock screen.

Stylized Date and Time:

You can alter how the date and time appear on your lock screen by using expressive fonts and color schemes.

Photo shuffle:

See a selection of photos shuffle on your lock screen, and set the schedule for how often your set gallery selects a different display.


You can select Widgets on your lock screen for quick access to the weather, time, date, battery life, calendar events that are coming up, alarms, time zones, and Activi

iPhone IOS 16
New IOS 16 updates, featuring new widgets, and other new lock screen updates. Photo by Savannah Shannon

ty Ring progress.

New Notification Design:

Users can select whether to view notifications as an extended list, stacked, or as a count view, and notifications now roll in from the bottom to provide a clear view of the Lock Screen.

New design for Now Playing

The Now Playing controls can be expanded to a full-screen view with Live Activities, displaying album art as you listen.

What’s New in Focus 

Lock Screen Linking:

Connecting your Focus to your Lock Screen will change both the appearance and functionality of your iPhone. You can slide to the relevant Lock Screen to activate or dismiss a Focus.

Focus filers:

For each Focus you enable, create boundaries in Apple apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari. You can select which Tab Groups appear in Safari when you are using Work Focus, or you can hide your work calendar with Personal Focus.

Allow and Silence list:

Choose which apps and contacts you wish to get notifications from by permitting or silencing them while configuring a Focus.

Focus Schedules: 

Set a Focus to turn on automatically at a specific time, place, or when a specific app is being used.

What can be expected for future updates:

Coming later to Apple this year would be new updates such as sharing a photo library with your family, Smart Setup rules and suggestions, collaboration on collections, editing messages, Mail, new Siri updates, and so much more.


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