Various auto tech classes, the new and upcoming car culture club, and just the overall love of vehicles here at Cain have caused an increase in car culture here on campus.

“People spend hours building their cars– I mean, I’d simply cease to exist without my FRS,” said junior Jaden Mohammed-Ali Naraghi.

A car being worked on by Cain’s automotive classes Photo by Brianna Jones

Unfortunately, with these differentiative car-lovers, there is a prevalent controversy between fanatics;

 “There is a lot of bias and hate of sorts that comes into play when discussing certain car preferences, so it’s hard to label the car community as a singular body,” Jaden stated 

Despite this, there is still a oneness in the collectivized community of car lovers at Cain. From Automotive Repair on campus to countless students and faculty making repairs themselves, this expansive community embodies the versatility of Klein ISD students’ education and individuality. 

Moreover, in Klein Cain’s brief history, Cain Automotive Repairs has conquered UIL and even state competition numerous times. With such impeccable domination of similar competitions such as Universal Technology Institute’s Top Gun automotive competition, it’s no shock that vehicular repair is a prevalent factor in the growth of Klein Cain culture.

“I love seeing the different styles of cars in our student parking lot, it really shows how different everyone is, regardless of the fact we all are part of the same student body,” said Annie Thompson.

Which upholds the ideals of students and staff alike. Regardless of our morning commute and daily monotony of identical workflow, Klein Cain students are all just different cars in the same lot.


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