There are so many different extracurriculars to which students at Klein Cain High School can commit, and while monumentalized sports like football and volleyball are starting their seasons, other large organizations and clubs are kicking off as well. These organizations are bringing new ideas and events to Klein Cain in the 22-23 school year. 

Student Council

Student Council can often be seen hanging miscellaneous posters around campus. Supporting smaller clubs and major sports teams, they do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for our school. This year, the first without the limitations of COVID restrictions, STUCO is looking toward making an impact in their community and making some changes to the way the organization works. 

“…we’ve thought about helping out homeless communities and trying to like, we were thinking about doing more community outreach overall. So like, for community service kind of things like the Houston Foodbank, volunteering at other places that like, not many people know about or like, we feel we could help serve our community better,” said STUCO president, Kaitlyn Crowder

Two STUCO members advertising their freshman dance. Photo by Mary Kennedy
Two student council members advertising their Freshman Mixer in the Cafeteria. Photo by Mary Kennedy

Student Council had their new members meeting on August 23rd


HOSA, standing for “Health Occupations Students of America”, is one of Klein Cain’s most prominent clubs. They work hand-and-hand with the Public Service and Health Science classes to help prepare future medical professionals.

“So Hosa is different from the other club because HOSA is specifically a health science organization. So it’s more catered towards like students who are interested to join the medical field in like the future. So our volunteer opportunities are more medical related so we go on walks for disease awareness and we give things to like nursing homes and things like that so it’s more focused and centered and just being involved in the health science community,” said Aruba Khan, HOSA’s president.

Students in HOSA work towards helping a student’s career and volunteering and participating in events around the state.

“We work to build a welcoming and inclusive environment for our future healthcare workers at our school and we do not need only volunteer around our community but we also compete so we compete at area state and internationals where we can meet with other HOSA members around our area,” said Liaba Farhan, the Vice President of Klein Cain HOSA.

Klein Cain HOSA group photo 2021-22. Photo by Zoe Rivers

Key Club

There are many different volunteer opportunities at Klein Cain; HOSA, NHS, and Key Club. All of which are National volunteer organizations set on making their community better.

“What makes key club stand out is that it reaches beyond the school lines and goes towards the community. It goes to like, it goes outside of spring, it goes to like Magnolia, Tomball even sometimes like Downtown Houston,” says Valeria Gordillo, Key Club’s Community Service Officer.

Many different clubs are bouncing back as COVID restrictions begin to lift: for example, Key Club is working on new things for the year and going back to its original methodology. 

“One of Key Club’s biggest goals is to have more group in-person volunteering opportunities because when COVID hit that impacted our club a large amount because a lot of volunteering is like, face to face interaction so we had to cut down and kind of scrap for online opportunities however that did benefit us because it gave us more of like an audience or a membership. So now it’s like adapting to like, that mass growth of members as well as kind of like, making sure everyone feels included,” Gordillo says.

Key Club’s opening meeting, held last week, went in depth about everything Key Club has to offer. If you missed it, don’t worry, there are still other ways to help your community. 

Marching Band

colorguard and marching band 2022
Marching Band at a 2022 competition. Photo by Jacob Elbert

You can see the marching band outside every day after school, running their show, warming up, playing their instruments, or spinning their equipment. The band is up there with football when it comes to practice time.

“We have a two-week camp before the school year starts which consists of 8 to 12-hour days and we have socials and sectionals throughout the summer where we get to meet people especially the freshman and its nice because it’s us becoming a family,” said Keeley Hudson, a member of the Klein Cain Marching Band.

Last year, Klein Cain and other Klein school Klein Oak went to Alamodome to compete at state. Klein Cain placed 28th overall and achieved Klein Cain’s history.

All sorts of organizations are starting their school year with tons of new opportunities for new and old students alike to get involved in the wonderful culture still developing here at Klein Cain.


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