New AP Faces at Klein Cain


Meeting the New Admin

As Klein Cain Highschool gets into the 2022-2023 school year, many students have begun to see brand-new faces around the hallways. These brand new faces are the new admin. The new admin is doing their best to keep the school up and running this year. Some new administrators this year include Roberto Lopez, who is in charge of transportation and ID badges, and Nick Draper, who manages the drug dog system and Saturday school.

Roberto Lopez photo by Mohamad Mahmoud

The new administrators will be talking about their personal experiences with being school admin.

“I have had quite a few years of experience as assistant principal. In fact, this is my tenth year, and my main focus as an administrator is school safety. School safety, by far, is important because if students don’t feel safe, then it’s difficult for them to learn, and after that, the focus is to be the best instructional leader  I can be to support my teachers and continue to grow as an educator,” said Lopez.

“This is my first year in Klein, but I have experience in Aldine ISD, and I’m used to student discipline, which is a big part of my job, finding ways to support students when they need help and making sure that everyone is treated fairly,” said Nick Draper. 

The admin strives to show the students at Klein Cain how much they care about doing what they do best and keeping the school in tip-top shape.

Nick Draper photo by Mohamad Mahmoud

“I don’t think it’s important to be best at what you are doing I do think that it is important always to be getting better, so one of the dangers in a position is complacency, and you always wanna be able to handle what the next step is as long as there is some growth or change, I think you are on the right track,”  said Draper.

Their Jobs on campus

“We have approximal 20 busses. I have a list that I check off when the students come in, then I communicate with my secretary if any busses are late, and we have a quota for smart tags that tells us if anyone is late or has not shown up.”

When asked why students have smart tags and are required to wear them, Lopez responded, “Going back to safety, smart tags are connected to everything in the school, and in the future, parents will be able to track when and if students get on and off the bus.”



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