While many students look forward to the Thanksgiving break, it can also bring stress to some. Travel plans, thanksgiving shopping, Black Friday, and early Christmas preparations can put a lot of streets and worry on people’s minds. Here’s how Hurricanes manage to have a productive holiday break while staying stress-free.

“I plan on making this break less stressful by relaxing and hanging out with my family. I also plan on decompressing this break by reading and getting a lot of sleep and spending time with my family,” says Amy Gallagher

Some students have been working extra hard this week in order to ensure a stress-free Thanksgiving Break.

“To make this break less stressful, I am making sure I get all of my work done before we are out of school, and I am going to unplug and spend the week with my family,” said Kate Dyer when asked how she was going to make Thanksgiving break lets stressful.

This Thanksgiving some students are going on fun trips in order to relax and destress before school starts up again.

“For Thanksgiving, I am going on a cruise to Belize, so I am shopping and setting up self-care appointments all before the 20th,” Sydney Richmond told Cain live.

“I am going to Universal during the week of thanksgiving so definitely going to ride a lot of roller coasters to “decompress,” says Ashtyn Grice.