Klein schools across the district host an annual Thanksgiving-themed lunch, this lunch takes place on the Thursday before Thanksgiving break. The lunch includes familiar Thanksgiving dishes like sliced roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the favorite, pumpkin pie.

“There’s a time-honored tradition in my household: we always purchase the Pumpkin Pie Bluebell ice cream as soon as it is released for its annual debut. Such is a staple of my Thanksgiving experience and is exemplified by the cafeteria’s pumpkin pie which they also serve annually,” Said Savannah Shannon.

“The school’s thanksgiving lunch will never compare to the feast at home, but I do give props to the stuffing the lunch ladies make,” Brianna Martin said.

The school-provided Thanksgiving meal also gives students, who don’t have Thanksgiving diner at home, a chance to feast.

“I like everything about the lunch. My family doesn’t eat the normal Thanksgiving dinner so it’s nice to eat it at least at school,” Said Laurel Smith 

While food is something we can all be grateful for, students here at Klein Cain are thankful for a variety of things. Watch the video below to see what some Hurricanes are thankful for.