After the Astro’s victory against the Braves on Sunday, they are going to be playing again, but this time at home. This game could be the last if the Braves win, getting them to 4 wins first, but with Dusty Baker, the Astro’s Manager, tweaking the line-up, things could pick up for Houston’s team. Carlos Correa has been moved to No. 3 and Yuli Gurriel, to No.5 after their performances in game 5.

Fans are awaiting updates on the possibilities of an open roof in the Minute Maid Park, the Astro’s Stadium, which for some superstitious Astros enthusiasts could contribute to the luck for their favorite team. If the Astro’s manage to secure a victory tonight at 7:09 PM CST, streaming live on FOX and ESPN, there could be a potential for a game 7 on Wednesday.

“I’m really excited to watch the Astros tonight. I feel like our lineup for the game tonight is really good, and I honestly believe we can push for a game seven,” says Hannah Glover.