This weekend the Klein Cain Marching band made history at the UIL Area marching band competition. Cain’s Marching band received 5th place last Saturday and will be advancing to State next Monday in San Antonio. 

This is the first time a Klein Marching band has advanced to state in 15 years. With this also being the first time making it to state finals for Klein Cain, each member of the program was filled with excitement and pride as they continued to work this week to prepare for the competition.

“When I found out we made state I was really shocked at first because our program is so new, but after I felt really proud because I know how much work all of us have done to get this far,” said Hannah Glover.

Photo by Jacob Elbert

Since the start of band camp in July, the students in the Klein Cain band have been working hard to improve and perfect their show “The Barber” which includes the Overture from The Barber of Seville composed by Rossini, Selections from Sweeny Todd by Stephen Sondheim, and Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber.

Students spend hours rehearsing music and choreography to their show, and now all their hard work is starting to pay off as they make their way to state.

“Making state was one of the happiest moments of my life, and at the time I was super happy because I didn’t think that we’d be able to do it,” says Drum Major for the Klein Cain Marching Band, Callum Murphy.

This week leading up to the journey to competition has been an exciting one as the band members prepare for one of the most important events of this season.

“This week I’m going to keep giving it 100 percent and give it my all to prepare for state,” says Murphy.

As the week progresses, so does the anticipation for the band’s big trip west this weekend.

“Personally I’m super excited to be performing in the Alamodome, especially being a soloist,” says Senior Austin Himburg, a tenor saxophone player for the Klein Cain Marching Band.

Best of luck to our Hurricane Marching band!


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