Tonight the Astros will be going head to head with the Atlanta Braves at Minute Maid Park. Their first game will be aired live on Fox at 7:09 pm CST.

“I’m excited to see them go to the world series again, not just because I want to see my favorite team win, but because I think it would help the stigma from previous World Series games. The Astros, not trying to jinx anything, doing what we all know they do, will most definitely show that they are a team who puts so much effort in the game and deserve that pretty trophy,” said Astros fan Sophia Whitbey.

Dusty Baker, the manager for the Houston Astros, will be attending his first world series in 19 years where his loss with the giants took place. Right now Baker is sitting among 10 world series winning managers on the MLB hall of fame, another loss could put his spot in jeopardy.

We will also see how the team will function with certain players out. Star pitchers Lance McCullers and Justin Verlander are both out due to injuries. McCullers is out due to a forearm strain that happened during the playoff game against the Chicago White Sox, and Verlander is out due to a surgery the player had following his injury in 2020, causing him to miss what was left of the 2020 season and the entirety of the 2021 season.

“Our defense is seriously suffering because of injuries regarding our best pitchers like Justin Verlander and, my personal favorite, Lance McCullers. However, thus far, the backup pitchers have done amazingly and I look forward to seeing if they continue to do so tomorrow in the World Series,” said Whitbey.


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