For the first time in nearly two years, students are returning back to a normal school setting. As a result of this, students are finding it more difficult to manage their time efficiently

“Last year it was easier to finish assignments because we were already home and there weren’t as many after-school activities, but now it’s just easier to procrastinate.” Says sophomore Avery Carter.

Time management is “The ability to use one’s time effectively or productively.” When you know how to manage your time correctly you will be able to complete everything you need to with time to spare.

“I have actively been trying to find ways to help me manage my time more productively because of the start of school and one way I found that helps me the most is writing things down so I can see it all laid out and planned.” Sophomore Sophia Whitby said.

One of the best ways to manage time is to make a to-do list, writing out everything you need to get done in a certain amount of time. By doing this you will see everything you have to do written out and then you are able to prioritize and cross tasks off. An important thing you need to do for this step is to remove non-important and non-time-sensitive tasks from your list, this will help you to not feel overwhelmed by having an excessive amount of tasks. Another important thing to do is to take a break in between each task. This will allow your mind a break before you begin the next task.

Another thing you can do alongside making a to-do list is set a time limit for each task, this will allow you to see about how much time it will take for each one, making it easier to plan out which ones will take priority over others.

While in combination with the previous two strategies, keeping an organized workspace is key to feeling more productive and less overwhelmed.

“Once I started managing my time I’ve found it so much easier to finish assignments on time and make time to hang out with my friends.” Says Avery Carter.

If you incorporate these strategies into your everyday life you will see a difference in how much time you have. Managing your time is an important life skill to have and with just a sticky note and pen you can start.