Klein Cain’s HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) is an opportunity for students who are interested in a career in the medical field to gain experience and explore within. The organization’s new member information meeting is Thursday, September 2, and the 2021 competition signup is from October 1 – November 1.

“I knew that I wanted to work in the medical field after I graduated high school, and so I thought HOSA would give me some experience and some knowledge beforehand, that got me interested in the club,” said HOSA President Farwah Ali.

Members of HOSA attend events that further their involvement in the club and further their knowledge of the medical field. The events that the club attends are divided into many categories, so members can participate in something they know they are already passionate about or find something new that they can enjoy and can see themselves having a future in.

“When you join HOSA you get more involved in the healthcare community, sometimes we have guest speakers, so you get more knowledge about certain careers,” said Farwah.

“There are so many events that you can attend to and you can actually do events according to your interest so if you like to draw you can do medical illustration, let’s say you like to write if you like to write there are events you can do that if you like working in a team there are events you can do that. There are so many different varieties of events you can actually attend, where you might find your niche. There may be something you find you really like to do and pursue it professionally.” said HOSA Ambassador, Stephanie Wade.

HOSA was introduced in 2017 and has already become a success with the students.

photo of 2019 hosa meeting
Photo by Klein Cain HOSA.

“I have noticed that students that have participated in HOSA I think have a more enriching experience in health science because they’re actually competing and they’re actually getting the whole experience of health science and not just going to a class, you know, it makes a difference when you’re actually doing some of the activities you’re anticipating doing when you graduate from high school,” said Wade.

Giving HOSA a chance could benefit you career-wise.

“In HOSA you are making connections professionally, you’re networking, you’re also getting a feel of what this is all about as far as the healthcare industry, and the variety of things you can do in the industry, so if you think about it you’re going to get some exposure of different careers that you may not of even though of. I think the benefit is you’re getting exposure, you’re making friends, making connections and you’re actually enriching your high school experience especially while you’re in the health science program,” said Wade.