Despite many high schoolers wanting to only go take a nap after school ends, senior Tyler Grosvenor takes it a step further. In addition to serving as the school’s yearbook editor-in-chief, Grosvenor also helps shoot promotional videos for Houston’s local businesses. On top of that, he also owns his own photography business and plays a vital role in the broadcasting program at Cain Live.

So, How Did Grosvenor Get Into Videography?

As a child, senior Tyler Grosvenor proved to have a burning passion for photography. At home, he spent countless hours learning about the different shooting modes of a DSLR camera and figuring out which angles worked best for the subjects he shot. And as time went on and on, his aunt took notice of his newfound passion.

“I started in the world of multimedia about five years ago with my aunt who was a wedding photographer,” said Grosvenor. “She took me along to one of the shoots, and I just continued doing it after that first shoot she took me on.”

After that first experience of assisting his aunt with her photography work, Grosvenor ventured off into more uncharted territory: videography. Looking at the various types of editing tools companies such as Adobe offered, along with a few attachments that he could put on his camera, Grosvenor began vlogging his school life as a freshman. After filming, he would edit what he filmed and post his vlog for his hundreds of subscribers to see.

“In my freshman year of high school, I started a YouTube channel where I filmed people around campus and put it into a short-form video for people to watch. That year I really started to get into video while I was doing the vlogs,” said Grosvenor.

The thumbnail for Grosvenor’s last vlog (Dec. 15, 2017). Photo from Tyler Grosvenor’s YouTube channel.

Many of his viewers had even remarked that the quality of his videos was particularly good for a high school freshman. From both an editing standpoint as well as quality (of the video and audio itself) standpoint.

“Tyler’s [vlogs] were definitely well-produced,” senior Madison Phanthavong said. “Something about the vlogs that I enjoy is seeing all the memories in the videos that we can look back at.”

Unfortunately, however, that year he also ran into a bit of trouble with the school administration.

“But also during that time—a year or so later—I was getting in trouble for the content I was posting on those vlogs. So I knew it was time for me to get into some new things,” said Grosvenor.

Luckily, the school offered an avenue for Grosvenor to continue his creative work. This avenue being through its broadcast journalism program (called Cain Live), which he joined the following year. There, Grosvenor contributed to a multitude of projects such as football game highlight compilations, student feature stories, PSAs, live streams, and much more.

“Tyler brought a wealth of knowledge to the program that just wasn’t here before. He’s taken our production quality light years ahead and has been a real inspiration to all of our filmers as they see what can be done creatively with the equipment, He’s really turned into a class mentor and role model more than anything else,” said Jacob Elbert, the journalism program advisor.

But as time progressed, his work in the broadcast program conflicted with his yearbook schedule. And since Grosvenor had to commit to becoming the yearbook editor, he took a bit of a hiatus from the program.

“I left Cain Live for about a year or so and honed in on my skills as yearbook editor,” said Grosvenor. “And then my burning passion for videography was back.”

During his hiatus, his yearbook adviser had told him one day to video a football game that night, telling him to quickly edit up a video for the school to see the week or so after since he knew that Grosvenor would have been available to take photos of the game anyway. After doing so, Grosvenor realized that he truly wanted to get back into the realm of videography.

Filming Videos For Houston’s Local Businesses

Grosvenor adjusts cameras while on the job for Alexander & Birch. Photo by: Tyler Grosvenor

“A month or so later, Tony (the owner of Alexander & Birch, which is the digital media agency Grosvenor currently works for) called me up to tell me about a video that he wanted me to come and help him work on, and that is really how my ‘side hustle’ in videography began. Tony opened the door for me, and he allowed me to ask questions he gave me input and gave me the constructive criticism I needed.”

From there, Grosvenor filled in his free time helping Tony and his team shoot videos for companies. Once shot, Grosvenor would then edit the videos later on for those companies to use as promotional material.

Grosvenor working on his Pre-Body Works promotional video. Photo by: Tyler Grosvenor

“My time with A&B solutions has been filled with working alongside a team where we go out and film for various companies. [Recently,] we[‘ve] film[ed] companies in the gym franchise sector such as F45 GYM where we worked with them to do various digital marketing campaigns for their locations. [Furthermore, we’ve also] had the opportunity of working multiple [campaigns] with Pre-Body Works, one of the highest-rated massage therapists in the East Downtown area.”

Larger tasks Grosvenor undertook with his team at Alexander & Birch included ones such as the NBMBAA’s (National Black MBA Association) collaboration with Texas superstore giant, HEB, on a virtual live conference in addition to a video shoot for a USA Olympian cyclist. A fun one, Grosvenor says, has been one where he helped out with live streaming cooking shows for a former Marriott executive chef. In spite of all that busy work, Grosvenor says he also has to find time to shoot photos for his own photography business as well as for the school yearbook.

Grosvenor’s behind the scenes for the live stream episodes he worked on for Chef Ivory, the Marriott executive chef. Photo by: Tyler Grosvenor
“Filming, for me, usually is done when I am available,” said Grosvenor. “I have to balance my own photography business and also be able to go out and photograph events for the school. [B]ut usually, the owner of the company, Tony, will call me up and check my week[] availability and we will decide on days with the clients when all of our schedules align.”
All in all, Grosvenor said that he has learned a lot from working alongside his team at Alexander & Birch. Things that, he says, he will implement into his own future life (as both a videographer and photographer). Especially now given that Grosvenor will graduate from high school in only a few months.

“After high school, I plan on studying business marketing and advertisement at Texas Tech where I want to focus on the social marketing of different businesses and be able to do the hands-on media content creation and campaigns, all while being able to elevate the many companies through digital media,” said Grosvenor.