At Klein Cain, just about every student here has something they are passionate about, from music to dancing, acting, and art. Passion is the emotion of intense enthusiasm or compelling desire towards someone or something. Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ayren Wilson, a very active student here on campus. At Klein Cain, she is not only involved in varsity cheerleading but also musical theater and choir.

Growing up, Ayren always explored the creative side of her brain. Because through exploring her creative side, she was able to make, create, and understand the music she loves. At the age of four, Ayren began her start in the world of creating music. During this time, she continuously worked to progress and sharpen her skills in music.

Anytime you take on something new, there is always something that will be a struggle for you to grasp onto, and Ayren definitely had some challenges when first starting out. During her progression of learning and understanding what she was doing within music, she was faced with the uncontrolled challenge of finding a teacher that was going to be able to work with her for the long haul of things.

When I sat down with Ayren, she told me that “since most of my teachers were older, it was hard to find a teacher that would be with me [in the] long term”. Having to bounce around three different teachers came with a “good ending” she told me.

“It allowed me to learn different techniques and combine them together to allow me to sharpen my skills today.”

When you have something you are passionate about, it will lead you to many new opportunities. Through her passion for musical creation, she has been able to play in many different side concerts, choir performances, and even utilize her skills in the Klein Cain Theater Department.

After high school, Ayren plans to take her musical journey to the next level as she plans to further her love of music at the University of North Texas where she plans to major in musical psychology and production.