Beginning next school year, all Pre-AP classes will be renamed to “Klein Prep”. This news comes after CollegeBoard made the “Pre-AP” label a registered trademark. A move that has not just caused Klein ISD to not be able to use the word, but all school districts throughout the nation.

Those who choose to enroll (or want to enroll) in Klein Prep courses for next year will have to select courses that have the acronym “KP” (Klein Prep) after them. For example, Pre-AP ALG 1 will instead be Klein Prep (KP): Algebra 1 KP or Algebra 1 KP/GT. Also, keep in mind that the content of each Klein Prep course next year will remain the same as this year’s Pre-AP courses. To see a course descriptor of what Klein Prep is, read below:

Students in Klein ISD advanced Klein Prep (KP) Courses are expected to research, analyze, and propose solutions to real-world problems based on the practice of interdisciplinary study, literary analysis, problem-based learning, communication, collaboration, goal setting, and self-reflection. To demonstrate mastery of academic content and attainment of post-secondary readiness skills, students will create advanced/sophisticated products and presentations.

However, although the “Pre-AP” label is a registered trademark, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Dual Credit (DC) courses will remain the same and keep their name.

For more information, read Klein ISD’s own article or visit the Promise2Purpose Pathways website.


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