Klein Cain senior Tyler Grosvernor gets an inside look into Student Council as they complete their first community service project for the 2020-21 school year.



(A preview of the article published in conjunction with the video.)

Despite Hurricane Laura making landfall one month ago, its devastation still impacts many towns. One such town being Vinton, Louisiana. After Laura destroyed many of its homes, businesses, and the local high school, many residents still find it difficult to recover. Fortunately though, this upcoming week, the Student Council will launch its first community service drive of the year. Through it, they aim to help out the community’s local high schoolers.

“After everything that has happened this year, we know that school is a constant for us. And although our school year did not start out together, we are still together in some way,” said Antoinette Hernandez, the Student Council adviser. “Unfortunately, Vinton does not have that yet, so anything we can do for them to get there is what we want to do for them.”

During Klein Cain’s own inaugural year, Hurricane Harvey caused the campus to welcome in Lemm Elementary. This was due to Lemm Elementary’s campus flooding during Harvey. Inspired by this incident, the Student Council hopes that their Bringing a Storm of Service drive renews that same belief of helping others out. That belief being established from the very beginning of Klein Cain’s history.

“What I expect from this is, honestly, I really hope that everyone donates because there are people in need right now due to the hurricane,” said senior Madison Phantavong, president of the Student Council. “And I know, especially us, we know exactly how they feel.”