Use of Virtual Platforms Reforms the Basic Classroom

New technology calls for new methods of education. Schools around the country are gaining a broader interest in schoolwork from their students with the use of the many technological advancements and devices available. It’s a big leap aside from the use of ordinary textbooks to a more inside look at what they are learning and studying about.

Virtual Reality isn’t as new as one would think, but it’s quickly rising in popularity with more and more people gaining an interest in the technology. It’s a device which makes you feel as if you are in a completely different world while being held right over your eyes. It’s supposedly making a bigger impact on the new generation as well as the way the young people are learning through a variety of methods different from the usual classroom setting. Students are gaining more opportunities to excel to new heights.

“I think that would make kids really want to learn or look forward to coming to school every day” Emily Curtis, Klein High School senior said. “That would be so cool.”

Making virtual reality a part of teaching can hype up the students and make them have a more positive outlook on coming to school every day when they know they’ll be able to learn their favorite subject with through such interactive and visual ways. It’ll be something to look forward to instead of mourning over reading the next chapter in an ordinary Social Studies textbook.

The school would have to invest in obtaining such products and making them available for students and staff. It would be a big investment depending on how many of the products it would be willing to purchase or obtain possibly starting at around $1,000.

Other students though, aren’t so keen on receiving those new methods of learning and aren’t so bright on the idea as he really didn’t see the point in using a virtual world in an attempt to get a more hands-on approach. This doesn’t seem to be suitable for everybody as some might not consider it to be a big step forward.

Administrators, on the other hand, feel bright about the idea. They would like to expand the walls to their classroom and see new ways to help kids understand what adults are trying to show them.

“I think it would be amazing. Students could take virtual field trips through technology and actually feel like they are there. We are looking into grants for virtual reality headgear that interact with phones or iPad minis.” Assistant Principal Dr. Kelly Moore said. “It would be amazing to show students what it was really like in American colonial days or live among the American Indians.”

“I feel virtual reality is the future of education. Students should not be limited to the resources available within the four walls of their classroom. 99 percent of the world’s knowledge is contained outside the school building,” Lead Transform teacher Carrie Barber said.