Homecoming has finally arrived! After three long years, since we now have a graduated alumni class, this year will officially mark Klein Cain’s first-ever Homecoming and the end of [what was once known as] Newcoming. Furthermore, Klein Cain Student Council’s planned dress-up days, many competitions, parades, and pep rally have made this week a blast. This year, Klein Cain Varsity Football will play against Klein Forest for the homecoming game which is set on Friday, Oct. 30. You can reserve a seat for the game at Etix.com. For Klein ISD Ticket Policy, click here.

The dress-up days are as follows:

Monday: “Scare Away The Eagles” (Wear a costume!)
Tuesday: “It’s As Simple As Addition, Forest Is No Competition” (Freshman dressed up as mathletes, sophomores as athletes, juniors as bikers, and seniors as surfers.)
Wednesday: “Fry The Forest” (Grill Dad & Soccer Mom outfits)
Thursday: “Take The Eagle All The Way Back” (Throwback Thursday)
Friday: “Purple Reign” (Wear purple!)

“Most Spirited” Landfall Competition

StuCo will be hosting a “Most Spirited” competition and picking a winner from Klein Online and Klein On-Campus. In order to enter, you need to post an Instagram story post with your best homecoming dress-up day outfits and tag “@cain_stuco.” If you don’t want to do that, you can also upload your outfits. For the landfall competition, your landfall teacher will join a Kahoot and the whole class must answer the questions given.

Class Officers

On Oct. 16, the following students were announced as their respective grade class officers.

President: Jordan Blue
Secretary: Erin Jackson Edwards
Treasurer: Tripp LeBlanc
Historian: Tiera Williams

President: JT Phillips
Vice President: Grace Jo
Secretary: Destiny Lopez
Treasurer: Dayana Villasano
Historian: Chanel Correa

President: Haley Hastings
Vice President: Marissa Perdomo
Secretary: Madison Honeycutt
Treasurer: Josalyn McCloud
Historian: Isabella Lagunas

Pre-Recorded Pep Rally