Students have been offered a variety of help with course selection lately to choose their classes for the next year, and to determine which Pathways they wish to follow. Course Selection is something coming up soon where students can meet with their counselors and decide what classes they’ll do the following school year. There are many classes to choose from, though there are also requirements needed for a few courses.

“My choices on classes and electives that I make throughout my high school years will outline my future plan,” sophomore Haley Baldwin said.

The decisions everyone makes during course selection will not only affect their high school career, but their future as growing adults. What they do as students will reflect the things they do after they graduate.

“Last Semester we had multiple Storm Sessions and we posted those on Schoology for students to sign up to attend about the different endorsements. We are also presenting to 9th and 10th graders, so we’ll go to classrooms and present to the 9th and 10th graders to get them their paperwork prior to seeing the students,” lead counselor Delia Baker said.

The school offered help prior to the course selection process and made Storm Sessions, meetings during landfall in which students could get information directly about pathways and classes offered in Klein ISD and how they’ll personally affect each individual.

“It was good, the Pre-AP one changed my mind. I would want to take Pre-AP in the future, but you have to take it one by one,” freshman Kayleigh Harper said. “Their information was on point and I would like to do them again.”

The counselors are meeting with students during their social studies classes and give them further information so they can gain a better understanding and learn how the entire process works. Counselors will have a chance to speak to the class directly and get them informed about what is to happen.

“We’re excited to meet the students one on one and talk about their classes for the next year and see what their interests are,” Baker said. “We give the students a packet of papers and they’re going to choose their 7 classes based on the paperwork that they’re given.”

Moving on to their next year of high school, Freshman and Sophomores are having to make the right decisions for their future, and have the support from their counselors and the district.

“They have until the end of the school year, June 7th to make any changes, so if they chose something out here when they’re meeting with us and then they think about it, we talk some more, then they can make those changes later on in the semester,” Baker said.