The importance of saying no to Drugs and Alcohol

As the years go by, students are growing up, and day by day they’re faced with difficult decisions to make. Decisions which involve them making the right choice, even under peer pressure. More and more peers are facing the consequences of drugs and alcohol, and are falling victim to temptation.

They should seek help while they can, and refrain from consuming any dangerous substances.

Not only is it illegal for any minors to transport or indulge alcohol, it also poses many dangerous risks for anyone who consumes it. Drugs are capable of leaving someone with numerous health problems, especially a teen whose body is still developing. Although teens might drink alcohol under the excuse that their friends made them or they’re just trying to have a good time, the drink can leave people feeling high or sluggish, and will prevent their ability to think or act straight. This could put someone in a life-threatening or fatal situation when it could’ve been avoided.

Klein ISD schools take appropriate and timely measures for whenever they become aware of drug activity taking place on school property. It states in the handbook that any student caught in this situation could be expelled or suspended, and could be driven into legal trouble depending on the extremity of the violation.

With all the parties and communication outside of school, drugs and alcohol are becoming easier to acquire. In order to keep themselves safe from harm, each individual should stay safe from any substance that could cause them harm to themselves or loved ones.