Sophomore Jeffery Wright has been recently appointed as the Editor-in-Chief for Yearbook Thursday 19, and will maintain that position for the following school year.  

He’s shown strong leadership skills the entire school year with creating and leading the production of the yearbook. Though he didn’t have the official position this year, he’s fulfilled all the duties and requirements there are needed to be Editor as well as a strong leader.

“I think he’ll do really good, he really needs this position,” Kayleigh Harper said.

Others have seen his ability to lead and take charge of difficult situations, and noticed his strong act of leadership with any problems the staff might encounter, or obstacles they need to overcome.

“I think he’s worthy of it because he showed a lot of effort this year, and he’ll show that he will deserve this until senior year,” Harper said.

Wright has high hopes for next year and is already planning out the future of the 2018-19 yearbook.

“I’m excited to lead the staff in a different direction that it was this year and get the staff organized. I think that through the leadership of all of the staff, yearbook will be the program we want it to be,” Wright said.