Members vote for the 2018-19 Student Council Officers

Student Council has held elections for the new officers next school year, and candidates ran for a variety of different positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Those interested were able to persuade as many members as possible to vote for them.

“They gave speeches and there were ballots that students voted with,” Student Council advisor Ms. Hernandez said. “Our elections are 70% vote and 30% teacher recommendation.”

Each of the members voted for their officers with a ballot and listened to the speeches given at a general meeting.

“They have to have passing grades, no bad discipline, need to be able to attend the Summer Leadership Workshop, and be enrolled in the Student Leadership Class,” Hernandez said.

As an officer, Student Council is a top priority for them, and there are a number of requirements needed to be eligible to run for officer. Not everyone qualifies for the positions, but once they earn it, they’ll be able to lead the organization and help push it forward more than before.

“They help drive the projects and our vision for that year through the school,” Hernandez said.

Every member had an opportunity to vote and was eager to increase the odds of their favorite candidates.

“We had a lot of really good candidates try out for leadership, I think we have a really bright future ahead of us,” Student Council member Haley Baldwin said.