UPDATE SEPT. 23, 2020 5AM:
Klein ISD campuses will be OPEN Sept. 23, 2020. Sign up for Klein ISD weather updates for the most current information.

Tropical Storm Beta is crawling towards Texas, raising concerns about heavy rain and flash flooding. Beta is expected to make landfall on the Texas coast Monday night, however, it is expected to weaken down to a tropical depression by Tuesday evening. Klein ISD released an update regarding the approaching tropical storm.

“As always, we will take proactive steps as needed to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and community,” Klein ISD said on its website. “Please stay safe and heed all weather warnings from local weather experts and officials.”

Space City Weather can provide in-detail information regarding the approaching storm. The greatest concern surrounding this storm is flash flooding, which the school district has stated they will keep in mind as they monitor the tropical storm.

Intermittent heavy rainfall is expected, but there is no anticipated widespread flooding. Further updates can be found at KleinISD.net/weather and Klein ISD social media accounts. 

Check out the current Klein Cain forecast on our weather page at www.cainlive.com/weather