Cain took on UIL Saturday, March 24 at Waller High School, and also had some students place on different competitions. It was the District 20–5A Spring Academic Meet with a variety of topics to compete in such as Debate, Computer Applications, and Journalism.

“I competed in UIL Debate which was Prose,” sophomore John Enaboifo said. “Prose was just like a nice thing to do, a nice first thing too.”

Those who chose who participate were required to compete in a competition relevant to the subject they were assigned to study and had the opportunity of riding the bus to Waller or report there at a certain time.

“I feel I should’ve prepared even more, and practiced more because practice makes perfect,” Enaboifo said.

The event proved beneficial for students. Though not everyone managed to place this inaugural year, those who did were more than happy to bring back a medal to Cain, and earn one of the top spots so they could move on to Regionals in April.

“It was my first competition overall,” Enaboifo said. “I plan on going again next year.”

It was a promising experience for newcomers, and they’ve even learned more about how it works. Many are still looking forward to trying again not only the following school year but also for the rest of their high school career.

“It was a good experience. It was less work than I expected…It was fun,” Enaboifo said.