DECA is a high school and college organization that focuses on entrepreneurship, marketing, and financial skills. The organization is meant to create the future leaders in business by teaching students the importance and a variety of skills needed to succeed.

Cain has already established this organization on campus and has gained members from the student body. DECA state finalists have already been preparing for the State Career Development Conference that’s going to be held in Dallas. The conference is the largest one in the nation and will consist of nearly 4,400 Texas DECA students competing for a spot in the International Career Development Conference (which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia).

During the conference, students will present and explain their projects; these projects include Start-up Business Plan, Innovation Plan, Business Growth plan, and more. Prior to the conference, DECA members had already competed in the District conference/competition (held at Klein High School) where they had presented their projects in front of judges. These judges scored the project based on certain criteria.

After judging, all of the scores were rounded up and students who had the top scores were selected to compete in the SCDC (State Career Development Conference) where they would represent the district. “My goal is to win national and next year, I’d like to do a DECA music project so I can put that on my resume for colleges such as Berklee (in New York).” said freshman DECA member, Ricky Moctezuma. “I think it’s going to be really cool to compete at the largest State Conference in the nation. I really hope I win, but I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens.” said one DECA member.