Valentine’s has given people the opportunity to really get together this week and show some love and compassion, now that everyone has been getting together and get the chance to be a little more extra than usual with their partners and have an excuse to do so. Even single pringles out there can get in the fun and show how much they care for their friends and family, or cherish their full wallets and wait until the day after when all the chocolate’s are on sale.

Clubs and organizations have gotten in on the action, such as Student Council, who’ve spread hearts across Hurricane Alley with thoughtful messages about each individual student at Cain. GSA has even sold hearts people can get for their friends and partners, and there have been heart cookies given out in Landfall classes to a few students. The Child Development classes even let Lemm kids make cards and sugar cookies Tuesday, with Cain kids pitching in to help.

With love in the air, some might want to get a can of febreze, but others might want to get their hands on a five foot teddy bear and a heart shaped box full of chicken nuggets. It’s important to show off some affection and cherish those that you love and are close to you, and let them know how much they mean to you.

Operation Beautiful has also taken place this week and brought up people’s spirits and self love as well, and given a chance for everyone to dress up depending on the day and theme.

Besides getting a workout from carrying all the candy and balloons across the hallways, getting the gifts from each other managed to brighten people’s days, so it’s been more than just getting a sugar rush and dragging around bags of helium.