Students and directors have been working on their latest musical, Annie, and it’ll make its first performance January 26 in the Klein Cain Auditorium at 7 p.m. Tickets have already been selling on their website for $12 a person giving people a chance to get them early or on sale. Performance dates are January 26 and 27, and February 1, 2, and 3.

“It’s about an orphan girl who’s abandoned by her parents, and she wants to find her parents,” pit member Jack Byassee said.

The play will be available for people to watch with their friends and family after school, and will give members a chance to show the crowd everything they’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

“We’re rehearsing a whole lot, and we should be practicing, which we are,” Byassee said. “It’s a whole lot of rehearsals, even on Saturdays.”

Different organizations such as Band and the Theater Arts Department have been progressing throughout the past few weeks on consistent after-school rehearsals and practices to get it ready to show to the community. It’s been a struggling yet determined process for some of them, but they’ve been pushing through, excited to put everything together.

“We’ve recently had rehearsals out in the pit though, I think starting last week,” Byassee said.

Rehearsal time varies, but it’s usually three to four times a week, though recently they’ve been able to practice as a full group to put it all together. Although things started off slow, progress has been made as they come closer and closer to achieve what they’ve been working on.

“I think Annie would be a great musical, it’s time to see a high school representation of Annie,” sophomore John Enaboifo said.