Maintaining Lasting Memories

The deadline to order a Klein Cain 2019-20 year is approaching. Students, parents, and staff have until March 1 to purchase one at That’s the only way to be guaranteed a book, otherwise leftover books will be available for $100 each, and will be in limited supply.

“It’s a piece of history you forever have,” people and groups section editor, Jordyn Haynes, said. “A physical memory you can obtain.”

The Storm Yearbook staff has been working on the book since the summer and has had designers, writers, and photographers constantly working on making over 100 pages over the clubs, organizations, academics, senior ads and more.

The yearbook aims to include every student in the school. As long as the student is involved in school functions and organizations, there’s a chance they were even featured in a spread or interviewed.

“We ask people we do and don’t know,” Haynes said. “We try to make as much diversity as possible.”

The staff has been aiming to surpass expectations and get more people to purchase the book. They’re getting close to meeting their sales goal for the year.

“I think it’s important to get a yearbook because it highlights all the best moments in a school year and every organization is a part of the yearbook,” style and copy editor Ana Gou said. “It’s unique every year, and my favorite part is getting to work with others on design and making it something that people will love and remember for a long time, because of our amazing photographers and spread designers.”

Gou is one of the editors and leaders in charge of the production and main design elements of the book. She is excited over the progress the staff has maintained, and is looking forward to releasing the printed yearbook at the end of the school year during Distribution Day.

“[Our biggest accomplishment is] finishing the book,” Haynes said. “As cheesy as that sounds, it was a weight lifted off our shoulders.”

For more information on orders and senior ads, go to