It’s that time of year again, the time for love, a time where relationships are formed or end, a time where significant others go out of their way and waste their hard-earned money on temporary displays of affection. Valentine’s Day has been a day of expected public displays of affection and is a tradition that people have grown accustomed to.

Now obviously, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about dating, teddy bears, and flowers. It could be whatever you make it, and it’s easy to feel left out or alone during this time of year if you don’t have a significant other of your own. Media, advertising, and society have gotten people believing in the fact that they need another person in their life to fill a void inside themselves to feel complete, but that just isn’t the case. 

There’s no need to be lonely when you have yourself. Photo courtesy of The Torch.

Valentine’s Day can be whatever you want it to be, it could just be the typical Valentine’s you grew up knowing or it could be a simple day all to yourself or even an eventful day with some friends/family. It’s what you make it. So now, for the people that are actually reading this, here are some ways for you to spend Valentine’s Day as a strong independent individual.

Chill With Some Friends (who are also single)

To start off, hang out with some friends, but don’t be a third wheel. Chill with some buddies that also happen to be single, go out and have dinner or lunch or something with them, spend the whole day with them even. sleepover at their place or at your place, go to an arcade or bowling alley or go shopping, whatever works. But sadly, some people don’t have that privilege, either they don’t have friends or maybe all their friends are in a relationship of some sort, the result…

Hangout With Some Family

Relax or have fun with your family, as previously mentioned, go out to the mall or something, watch a movie at a theatre, have a picnic, go spend some money and enjoy yourself because it’s rare for most people to actually interact with their family members. Hangout with a brother or sister, or brothers and sisters, or go eat somewhere with your parents. However, if your parents might be doing something special and don’t want anything to do with you, and maybe your siblings are going out with their significant other, then instead…

If You’re Confident Enough, Ask Out Your Crush

If you don’t have an individual of the same or opposite or whatever gender you’d prefer that you are attracted to, then you can most likely ignore this section. But for you people that have been eyeing that certain somebody for a while now, all I can say is… go for it. Now there are precautions that you must take beforehand, like for one; make sure they’re actually single and don’t be a creep. Work your way into it, as a wise man once said, “only fools rush in.”

Now to contradict my previous statements, if you are best friends or close to this certain somebody and you have a really good thing going with them, and that feeling of something more than love is boiling up inside, relax. Understand that if you truly love this person in that way, then you must know that it’s not what you want, but it’s what they want, you can’t force love on another person, so if you get rejected, accept it and move on. Still, be friends with them, don’t make things awkward, this way you are even closer than you were before.

If None of These Apply, Then Just Focus On You

Finally, if you don’t really have the confidence or motivation to do anything on Valentine’s Day then just focus on yourself. Do something special that you wouldn’t normally do or do something that you love, go out, have fun all on your own, go wild. Because, in the end, Valentine’s Day is all about happiness and if you don’t find happiness in the arms of another person, or rather if you can’t get that person at all, then treat yourself right and go crazy. Or, you can just ignore Valentine’s Day altogether.