Having entered the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, course selection is now at the forefront of student’s and teacher’s minds. From Jan. 21 to 24 counselors will be giving presentations to students during their English period. However, the 23rd will not be having any presentations to allow students to view play previews presented by the Klein Cain Theatre Department. For those who have questions regarding course selections, counselors will be available after school on 27 and 28 from 3-5 p.m to answer the questions of students and teachers. 

“The presentation they provided covered a majority of the questions we had,” Chelsea Bould, a Junior at Klein Cain said. “They explained our graduation requirements, along with other classes colleges would be looking for.”

During the presentations given by counselors, students were provided with necessary information regarding the upcoming course selection. This included being mindful of the classes they need to graduate and how difficult their workload will be. On Jan. 27 teachers will be reviewing the sequence for their subject through Senior year. In addition to this, they will discuss what the next level looks like, including PAP/AP/DC classes and what the increased difficulty will look like. Counselors have advised students to be mindful of how many advanced classes they take, as once the drop period passes, students will be unable to leave the class until the next semester.

Advanced Placement vs Dual Credit

There are two options to earn college credit in high school, AP or dual credit courses. However, anyone who wants to partake in the dual credit courses must first take a test and then apply to Loan Star Community College. The test required can be taken at Klein Cain during the school day. Those who are enrolled in dual credit must maintain a passing grade in the class, or risk being removed from all the dual credit courses they are taking.

“Studies have shown that the academic rigor of a student’s high school experience is the single best predictor of success in college,” Klein ISD said on their Promise 2 Purpose webpage.

AP courses are also available to earn college credit in high school. This requires that students take the AP test for the class they are enrolled in, earning at least a three to gain credit at most colleges. These credits are better suited for students who intend to attend college outside of the state, or who want to avoid some of the risks that come with dual credit.

“Enrolling in at least one advanced course gives students the opportunity to experience rigorous learning in a supportive environment designed to help them succeed,” Klein ISD said on the webpage. “We encourage our students to explore Pre-AP/Advanced Placement and dual credit courses.”

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