Klein Family Serves is a district-wide community service project that was started by a few students at Klein High School that are passionate about service and are looking for another way to serve their community. This year, instead of it just being Klein High, it is now a district-wide service project in which all Klein schools including elementary, intermediate, and high schools.

Graphic courtesy of Klein Family Serves.

We’re planning some big stuff,” Jared Ruiz, a Klein Cain hub student leader said.

The projects come in a variety, from easier and approachable, like preparing kits for the homeless which includes items like socks, toiletries, snacks, and other foods. While other projects require more work and organization like blood, prescription, and recycle drives.

“I think people should sign up because it’s a great opportunity to get out there and serve others,” Ruiz went on to say.

Registration is up on student.net, and they plan on making more posters on Schoology. The members who started it at Klein High had a vision that goes vast beyond just one school, so Mrs. Haggard and a couple of other Bearkats reached out to the rest of the district in hopes to gain more support. It left Klein Cain more than willing to participate.

“The whole premise of the project was to give back to those who give so much to us,” Ruiz said. “…hopes to getting people who have never served in their lives to volunteer.”

The sign-up deadline for volunteers for Klein Family Serves has been extended by 2 weeks. However, anyone who does not sign up by the new deadline of Tuesday, February 18th will not be guaranteed a volunteer t-shirt.

For more information go to the Klein Family Serves info page.