UPDATE: Many after school activities have been canceled, check with coaches and sponsors for more information.

As Friday afternoon approaches, the chance of severe weather has increased with hailstorms and tornadoes becoming a possibility. The storm extends into Friday evening and possibly Saturday as well.

Below, you can see a full map of the severe storm threat.

Illustration by ABC13
Illustration by ABC13

Currently, Spring is in category 3 (“Enhanced Risk”) for severe thunderstorm risk, meaning that numerous severe storms are possible throughout the afternoon and evening, with a chance of 1″ to 2″ hailstones and a few tornadoes.


In addition to hail, the temperature is expected to drop throughout the areas affected the severe storm threat, with temperatures going from the 70’s to nearly freezing.

Klein ISD has not announced any plans to cancel after school activities due to the severe weather threat as of 8:30am 1/10/20.