The Hurricanes’ Region auditions were really storming this year. Every school year, hundreds of orchestra members tryout for a spot on Region but only a select few make it into Region. This year, six hurricanes were accepted into the All-Region Orchestra as the first-ever Klein Cain students to make it into the highly-selective group.

“I wanted to try out for Region because it was an expectation and all of my lesson teachers and pupils were doing it and because it was a good competition to compete with other schools” Region cellist, Arman Tavallaei said.

After completing the audition violist Tanya Dhingra said, “The scariest part for me for the Region experience wasn’t the actual audition, it was the part waiting after to see the results.”

When giving tips for trying out for Region, Jackson Bunch stated, “You need to know yourself, you need to know how long it’ll take you to prepare that music so that you can peak on the day of the audition.”

Klein Cain would like to congratulate Jackson Bunch, Tony Sanfilippo, Tanya Dhingra, Sasha Schmitz, Aidan Berg, and Arman for making it into Region and wish them the best of luck throughout this year.