High School is full of activities for the student body to enjoy whether it’s Friday night football games, theater performances, or club meets after school. Although students have various activities to enjoy, students are still required to come to school every day to learn. They receive worksheets, tests, quizzes, and homework from all of their classes. Having to take care of all these responsibilities is a high cause of stress for many teenagers in this generation.

“I feel like sometimes the homework is really evenly distributed but I feel like when we have really important homework that it’s all piled onto us at once,” Legacy Emma Taylor said.

Many students have been bombarded with a multitude of assignments and all of them are due at nearly the same time. With all the high expectations and AP classes, there’s a lot being asked of them, and not enough time to do it.

“If you’re in Pre-AP or something there’s homework every day,” tenth grader Miguel Ramirez said.

When they were little, students would have loved to be able to stay up late, but now they’d love to get some extra hours of sleep. A usual day consists of about an average of 2-4 hours each afternoon.

“Yeah, it really depends on the day, like 45 minutes to 3 hours,” Taylor said. “I stay up until 11:30 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. .”

Free time is starting to become something students are continuously being grateful for considering there’s not much of it to enjoy and most of it is on the weekends when they can hang out with friends or go out. Even though the weekends are sometimes a time for studying and competitions.

“I never have free time, unless you count eating dinner, showering and sleeping for 6.5 hours,” sophomore J Wenzel said.

Along with their academic classes, students often struggle with having to balance their extracurricular activities such as dance, marching band, and other groups as well. Although completely worth it, they are a serious time commitment.

“When I get home I try to sleep for a while,” Lamya Dollar, a sophomore at Klein Cain, said.

Drinking coffee in the mornings or naps after school are common methods of coping with stress levels and homework. Individual methods used to handle stress help relieve them of tensions and balance out their schedule by gaining better focus.

“I think my stress levels are too high for someone of my age,” sophomore Irene Wenzel said. “Homework should be work you didn’t finish in class.”